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Stage Statues

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Objectives: SWBAT

· RECOGNIZE various concepts of Body as an element of Dance

· COLLABOARATE with others to CREATE abstract shapes with their body parts

· PERFORM final movement

· IDENTIFY uses of Body components within performed movement

Warm-Up/Pre Lesson

· Play a variated game of freeze dance. Explain to students FREEZE LEVELS. Students will just move freely in space, teacher will call out a level and count them in to freeze in a shape in the instructed level. Encourage students to be mindful and aware of the shapes they decide to hold.

· Count them in to release out of movement and continue improvisation

· Feel free to give students musical cues to hold and release on to begin exploring the art of listening. Choose music with distinct and rhythmic sounds to start

· Give students specific emotions, directions to guide improvisation and choices in shapes

· For middle/high school programs, you can start as solo or duet explorations as a part of a short warm up.

Lesson Assignment (Middle/High School)

· Inform students they have been hired to perform on an industrial job: a company party for a well-known fashion line. The client wants small clumps of dancers to morph from one shape to the next in 5 minute intervals. They all have to be physically connected with one another and the morph must happen seamlessly.

· Break students up into groups. Between three and five people suggested.

· For final class showcase, students can change shapes every 2-3 counts of 8 depending on the tempo of the song

Lesson Assignement (Elementary School Programs, Pop Up Workshops)

· For elementary school programs, this can be done as a solo, duet, and trio

· Teacher should decide how students complete assignment based on how students work together.

· Encourage students to generate a story behind the connection of their movements with the music. Ask them to explain then show.

Things to Consider

· For public, charter, or private school programs, this lesson can be done over time. The group and its shapes can be added to choreography for program recital.

Thank you for reviewing this lesson for your dance students! Any commentary and feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have the time, please complete a short survey by clicking the link below.

© 2020, Kendra Johnson. All rights reserved

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