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Elements of Dance Intro Game

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

This game can be played on any level for students. The goal is to create a basic physical understanding of the Elements of Dance through application. This game should be first used as a warm up activity or an introductory activity. This game can also be built on to create a larger lesson for a deeper understanding and application.

· In a circle, ask each member of the class to choose one appropriate body part that can move freely. Then begin to go through each element instructing students to move according to each’s various components.

· Body: How does this body part move? Which part is leading that part to move? Are there more than one leading parts (initiation points)? Can you create shapes with this body part? How so?

· Energy: Is the body part light or heavy as you’re moving it? Decide and move in that way. Is it stiff or does it allow room to wiggle? How does moving that way make you feel (Happy or Sad or Angry)?

· Space: Which way is the body part moving? What happens if you move it up and down, or side to side? Does that change any intention and dynamics in the movement?

· Time: Is the body part moving to a certain rhythm? Or does it move freely without time? Is it moving slowly or quickly?

If the game is done in the B.E.S.T. order, the movement may vary if the order of the elements were different. Challenge students to switch it up and see how further movement with a body part is created. This will build on students’ discovery of dance and movement vocabulary of their own bodies.

Thank you for reviewing this lesson for your dance students! Any commentary and feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have the time, please complete a short survey by clicking the link below.

© 2020, Kendra Johnson. All rights reserved.

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