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Artist support

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Objectives: SWBAT

· WORK together to adjust choreography as it relates to Space

· IDENTIFY components of Space used to adjust choreography

· PERFORM final product by end of set rehearsals designated by teacher

Warm-Up/Pre Lesson

· Show a short video of dancers moving through space creatively and efficiently. Ask: How can space effect a piece?

· Introduce students to components of Space element

· Students study and analyze movement accompanied with singing artists

· Teach students choreography


· Music

· Choreography/movement phrases

Lesson Assignment (Middle, High School, and Collegiate)

· Break students up into groups and offer the option to have a main singer or to be a singing group

· Inform students that they have just been hired to adjust the choreography given based on the following criteria. Feel free to adjust as desired.

· Four different formations

· Must face away from the front three times

· Be clear on dancers’ focus points

· Three different levels displayed. Change choreography as needed to do so.

· Give students necessary time you feel is best that they are able to complete adjustments.

· Students showcase at the end of class/rehearsals.

Lesson Assignment (Elemenatary)

· For elementary school aged programs (2nd-5th), teacher can start class by warming up with basic movements and then streaming them together into a phrase of movement. Break up students as needed, can be as small as 2 people.

· Instruct students to do various transitions and formations. Walk through it with them so that they can identify Space components as they do it

Things to Consider

· For public, charter, or private school programs, this lesson can be completed over a few class sessions. All dependent upon the amount of choreography to be adjusted and criteria to be applied.

· For all levels, if a student doesn’t want to dance, they can be designated as lead choreographer and help keep everyone on track

Assessment (Designed for Academic dance programs)

· Can be used as final question, exit question: How does the application of Space enhance and make a piece better, more interesting, and more creative? How does space highlight "wow" moments?

Thank you for reviewing this lesson for your dance students! Any commentary and feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have the time, please complete a short survey by clicking the link below.

© 2020, Kendra Johnson. All rights reserved

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