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Create your B.E.S.T. Dance!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Objectives: Students will be able to...

· RECALL the Elements of Dance (Body, Energy, Space, and Time)

· ILLUSTRATE understanding of elements through creation and performance of choreography

· IDENTIFY the four elements with examples of movement from choreography

· PERFORM final movement

Pre Lesson

· Elements of Dance Intro Game


· Review the Elements of Dance

· Instruct student groups to create their own factors they want included into their dance. Students will identify specifics from each element they want highlighted in their choreography (i.e. Body: We will move from one body to another initiating the next move; Energy: We will move lightly with our movement choices; Space: We will include at least 3 formations; Time: We will have a section where movement is staggered, starting different times by different people simultaneously).


· List of suggested songs for students to use (Could be songs selected for upcoming concert and recitals)

Lesson Assignment (Middle and High School)

· Students must choose an appropriate and approved song of their choice

· Choose a Commercial Dance scenario to base their project on (Music video, tv show, commercial selling a product, etc)

· Using all of the elements, students will create a short dance. Four 8-counts or more depending upon how much time they have to create and rehearse dance

· Students showcase at the end of class/rehearsals

Lesson Assignment (Elementary)

· Each student chooses one body part and applies all elements into one movement with that body part. For example, I choose to shake (energy) my arm (body) slowly (time) side to side (space).

· Students get together in small groups and string the movements together in a timed sequence

Things to Consider

· For public, charter, or private school programs, this lesson can be completed over a few class sessions.

· For all levels, if a student doesn’t want to dance, they can be designated as lead choreographer and be governing voice


· How does the application of the elements enhance and make a piece better, more interesting, and more creative?

· Which element do you believe has the least and greatest effect on the visual of a piece?

Thank you for reviewing this lesson for your dance students! Any commentary and feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have the time, please complete a short survey by clicking the link below.

© 2020, Kendra Johnson. All rights reserved

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